Gem that is Music.

I never given much attention to Park Hyo Shin. Heck, I knew him from the I'm sorry I love you drama and his song Snow Flower will forever be one of my favourite but that is the extent of my knowledge about him. Recently, I just got the hunch to browse his musics, and I came across another masterpiece from this heavenly voiced individual, which I will forever be in awe over. The music video is so simple, no story line needed, just him sitting singing, and a pianist playing along. Just when I thought the song couldn't get any better, the live version. Oh my God, I can't say enough things about the live perf. How he was just so into the song, with his eyes closed for the most part of his singing, and the tears at the end. That is singing. Sometimes, after watching too much performances that needed so many gimmicks; too much dancers, props, skimpy outfits, etc, a simple one where only music is involved is much needed and let me tell you, Park Hyo Shin will give you just that. Watch the performance. I don't care if you don't listen to korean songs and don't understand a word, just watch and get my feels because Park Hyo Shin is a gem that needs to be shared, not that he is not known enough. Enjoy.


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