First Patient

You know how you got everything mapped and planned out in your head and when the time comes to bring that thought into life you just blank out? That's what happened during my first experience with an outside patient. As an optometry student, we are required to perform an eye routine examination on a certain number of patients to graduate and for that, our University makes it a requirement for us starting on Semester 6 till the last semester, Semester 8 to sort of gradually build our numbers up slowly so that we won't go crazy haha.

As expected, I was terrified. Before this, all of us only practiced our skills amongst ourselves, making the tasks easy actually because all of us know what to expect, the right kind of response etc which makes it 10x scarier to face the unknown xD. But the day comes and of course, my friend that I asked weeks before if she could come and be our patient decided to bail and my partner and I are left patient-less, ON THE FIRST DAY! Thanks a lot -.-' But thank God my classmate's friend brought along another friend which I held on for dear life hoping he'll agree; actually forced him to agree to be our patient and the day was saved! Hallelujah! Alhamdulillah!

After the brief introductions and etc comes the part where we had to take the history taking and that is when I just went BLANK. It's like there's nothing in my head. Everything we've been preparing for, for weeks, just poof-ed! Into thin air! I was left at the mercy of my partner, F. She took over and performed the 1st half of the examinations while I watch and repeatedly played the scene of me getting tongue tied in-front of our newly "captured" patient in my head a thousand times. It was humiliating.

But by the end of the day, I finally wrapped my head around and accepted the fact that, what happened was all part of learning. We were at the very beginning stage of being exposed to the outside world where not everything we do is known, where from the very basics of taking the visual acuity measurement of the eyes is something to be explained to the patient, and where our medical jargon may sound like a foreign language for some. What's important is that I take the lesson and make an effort to improve. No point in beating myself up for what is done. And believe it or not, after letting that fact sink in, I was left feeling more motivated for our next patient, and exhausted by the end of the day. One fun fact, both male patients that we performed the routine eye examination on have prettier eyelashes than me and my partner combined and they don't even know it xD. How unfair the world is hahaha! I'm out!

Can't wait to be home. I MISS HOME!

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