There were alot of speculation about this song and music video being a tribute to the Sewol Ferry Tragedy which happened on 16th April 2014. Being a mere spectator while the tragedy happened, it didn't seem real. I mean I know it happened but at first I felt nothing, as harsh as it sound. Like what Lady Gaga said, "You wouldn't know until it happens to you". It didn't hit home like the MH370 and MH17 did. But recently I got the chance to visit Seoul and it hit me. Was casually walking along the Gwanghwamun plaza after a failed visit to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. When we saw there were lots of police officers there the only thought was there's going to be a demonstration because there were buses and traffic was sort of being controlled in a way.

It hit us hard since we weren't expecting it in the slightest bit. We were having the time of our lives experiencing the cold winter, visiting places, making memories that when we passed the altar it was like a slap on our faces. Looking at the pictures of the students and the teachers that was assembled on the altar, the lump in my throat couldn't be more prominent. They looked happy, like there's no worries. Like the last thing they have to worry about is whether the rescue boat will get to them in time before the ferry sinks. Especially their first year pictures together. Omg, I can't even describe the feeling. The happiness in their eyes. My heart aches for them. It really does.

I don't know much about the tragedy but one thing I know is how the captain of the ferry told all the passengers to stay still while he makes a run for it which is a super cowardly move. It is so twisted and cold. But in the end, it is human nature. I'm not saying what he did was right, but for me to talk down on him and his actions, what if the situation is reversed onto me? What would I do? Would I be in my right state of mind to make the right decision? In fight or flight situation, God only knows what us humans would do. All I can say is may the families of the deceased finds the strength to forgive, let go and move on.

"Sometimes a question comes to mind. If I had been in a situation like that, would I have acted the same way? How can I answer such a question? I don't think I would have had the moral strength to do it, in all honesty. Maybe. Did he know he had the strength? How can you know? How can you recognize the moment of truth when you can sacrifice yourself, sacrifice the only life you have for someone else? There's no answer to that question. Or a question others can answer. But this question must be asked." - Ruth, Human The Movie

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