Tokyo Ghoul

First and foremost, let me just get it out there that I am NOT an avid anime/manga junkie. I don't have the patience to sit through 60 plus episodes per season. I've tried, believe me, I gave up at at least 10. Heck, I can't even keep track with Game of Thrones. Just an fyi if I ended up butchering this beautifully and disturbingly written manga. Sorry in advance xD

I admit I never heard of Tokyo Ghoul right until Michelle Phan and some other youtubers decided to post a collaborative makeup video featuring some of the characters in the anime being, Rize, Kaneki♥, and Juuzou. Having nothing to do due to oversleeping during the day and having my sisters binging on Haikyuu leaving me alone with my thoughts, I thought why not? It got me from the very first episode.

It's not easy for me to get hooked to a korean drama, let alone an anime. One thing that kept me coming back for more is that I'm not too far left behind. I don't have like 12 seasons to catch up to to get to where others are now. It's only in season 2 and season 3 (can't wait!) is coming Winter 2016. I think haha. Another thing is how each episode is not too lengthy. I'm simple like that. If you are new to Tokyo Ghoul, I advice you not to carry on reading. SPOILER ALERT. Although maybe not that good of a spoiler but spoiler is a spoiler.

One scene that got to me was when Kaneki finally had enough of the torture he got from Jason and finally fought back. Just before he ate Jason, i think, he gave Jason a piece of his own medicine by asking him to start counting while Kaneki stabs him with his Kagune. The only thing is, Jason has had his share of that torture. He was tortured in the same way he tortured Kaneki in the past by some disturbed Dove when he was captured. That scene got to me because Kaneki inflicting pain onto Jason because Jason inflicted pain on him due to Jason's need to cope with the trauma of the pain inflicted onto him by the Dove.

It occurred to me that when a person breaks someone to the point of no return, Jason in this case, a cycle may occur. It is not one person you broke. Different people have different ways of coping and some may resort to inflicting the pain they felt onto others. When that happens, many more will be the victim of one man's decision to inflict pain. That's also what happened to Juuzou. Due to his past of also being a torture victim, he also enjoys inflicting pain on himself, and onto others although not too high of a scale, limited to the fascination he got of crushing ants between his fingers, and the joy of killing ghouls. My heart breaks when Jason started counting and the lone tear fell from his eyes. Also everytime Kaneki cracks his fingers, the way Jason does before he starts his torture, just like how the Dove used to do with Jason. As cruel and gruesome that scene is, it is the one that really got to me.

I'm really liking this series that I am considering reading the manga. It's a long shot but who knows? Btw, Uta is one hot ghoul.