That time when you are in a room full of people yet you have never felt so alone. The feeling of wanting to say everything yet the fear of slipping tounge might jeopardise the bond you've worked so hard to form with others. But staying silent and the distance you set between them is also the things that will slowly but surely loosen the same bond, that will eventually be broken in the end. 

Lost Stars by Jung Kook


I never paid much attention towards our Jung Kookie but it all changed when I found his cover of Zion T's Sofa and this recent cover just made it so much more easier to now and in the future, pay more attention to this Golden Maknae of BTS. Saranghae uri Jongkookie! Thanks for the cover! 

"But are we all lost stars
Trying to light up the dark"

Cat Bites

I've been around cats ever since I can remember, even before from what I heard from my mom. So, getting bitten by one or two is yesterday's story. I've been bitten so much that my hands are full of scratches and bite marks accumulated over the years. Getting bitten by a cat which results in such deep wound that blood ended up dripping all over the floor, now that's a first. And that's what happened last Hari Raya Haji back in Kota Belud, my village.

Let me tell you a bit about the cat that bit me. It was a tom cat, very friendly. But like most cats, especially strays, they have higher tendency to bite and scratch you. I wouldn't say he was an aggressive cat. Cat people who know their ways around cats would know this type of cat who firstly comes off very friendly and loves being patted and played with but like a switch, it would turn around and bite you at any chance they could get. My lil cousin, Afif have had his share of the cat's bites and scratches last time but of course, being the bigger cousin with more experience than him, I thought I knew my way around the cat. Me being me, I was just playing with the cat when it all happened.

It all happened so fast that all I could remember was blood squirting out of my wrist while I was on my way to the tap to wash off the wound. Rather than it being painful, which it is, I was mostly scared because one, the blood wouldn't stop pouring out, two because the bite was on my wrist and three, the left side of my lower palm is so inflamed that it scared me. All kinds of scenario went through my head in that few minutes of me washing off my wound waiting for my sister to come with whatever medication she could find. When the blood stops pouring out of me, that's when I started to feel light headed. All I could feel was how cold and throbbing my hand was. As if being lightheaded from all the blood lost isn't scary enough, my sister told me that my lips are turning pale. But nothing half a bottle of green tea couldn't fix except maybe diabetes that is. Sorry, not funny.

 After everything sorta simmers down a bit, that's when I saw trail of my blood on the ground. Didn't get to snap any pic though, was too shock to even think of it. Went up to the house to find out the whole house of uncles and aunties had found out about my blood pouring episode and unable to eat due to my swollen throbbing wrist is deemed unusable. Btw, it was the right wrist. Never knew the importance of my hand right until I couldn't even tie up my own hair.

Luckily, my wound wasn't infected and now instead of the obvious bruised up wrist, my hand is getting its strength back. Slight pain when overworked but nothing major. Only the wound which is healing nicely gets very itchy from time to time and I can't even scratch it since it is still a tad bit painful to put so much pressure on it. It's like when you got a mosquito bite on the sole of your feet and you can't scratch that part without it getting ticklish and even more itchy that it originally was.

But one thing I will not be able to forget was how the cat came back to me for more patting after he bit me. Goes to show that cats will be cats. Even after centuries of taming, human can never totally 100% get the wild out of the cats but at the same time it is a creature who yearns contact and love from us humans. It's always going to be a love hate relationship between us and that's the beauty of it. Respect is always the priority and let me tell you, cats will not shy away in telling us humans who's the boss. Commence, pictures of my bruised wrist and couple other unrelated pictures. Enjoy!

Instagram photo shoot xD. 
No cheesy captions were harmed in the making of this insta post.

 2nd day. 
You can see the bruise starting to form. 

 Still painful but the wound is starting to heal up a bit.

 Me being me, can't take my eyes off the bruising. 
idk, I have this fascination towards bruises. 

It appears light in pictures but it is enough to scare my roommates and classmates

 After standing so long at the ordering counter not knowing what to order
French toast from The Loft@KLIA2

 Always loved the cosy ERL ride 

 Commencing, hipster shots xD

 Not the cat who bit me. 
Just a stray cuddling up to me while I wait for my taxi to arrive

How can you not like cats?